New format proposed…Liverpool refuses to join the “Super League” and will participate in the existing competitions

New format proposed...Liverpool refuses to join the "Super League" and will participate in the existing competitions Uncategorized

The European Super League concept was announced in 2021, bringing together “12” powerful clubs from England, Spain, Italy, and others. After receiving numerous protests from supporters, the clubs announced their withdrawal one after another. Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus were left behind.

The remaining clubs, two of the most prestigious Spanish clubs, stuck to the Super League. And on the 21st of this month, the Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) ruled that FIFA and UEFA’s blocking of the league’s launch constituted EU competition law.

Real Madrid and Barcelona announced the format of the competition here. However, many powerful clubs have already announced their refusal to participate.

Liverpool, as an example, has confirmed its participation in the UEFA competition and posted an official statement on its official website, saying that its stance on the Super League concept has not changed.

“Yesterday’s ruling by the European Court of Justice does not change Liverpool FC’s previous stance on a proposed European Super League. Our involvement has been discontinued.”

“We will continue to work with fellow clubs through the ECA and participate in UEFA competitions.”