I like him…Former Aston Villa midfielder praises Darwin Nunez for his dedication

I like him...Former Aston Villa midfielder praises Darwin Nunez for his dedication Team

Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez joined Liverpool from Benfica last summer. Although he struggled in front of goal in his first season, he ended up scoring 15 goals in 42 games and was expected to make further progress in his second season.

In the early stages of the Premier League, his decision-making rate has improved, as evidenced by the dramatic two-goal comeback against Newcastle, and his play as a center forward has also been refined.

However, his form has been on the decline in recent games, as he has not scored a goal in recent matches.

Still, the explosiveness he has shown in his second year at Benfica is real. Andy Townsend, who played for Aston Villa and Chelsea during his career and made 70 appearances for the Irish national team, compared him to the Manchester United player and praised his dedication.

“I like him, I’m happy to go out there and say it. I know there will people saying ‘what about his numbers?’”

“Numbers isn’t everything, but give me him over some of these lot that stand around and do nothing, like Anthony Martial. Darwin Nunez is permanently on the move 100mphs.”

“Yes he misses a lot of chances, but when he runs, as a midfield player when you’ve got a striker who’s running hard and going flat out, he isn’t going half-hearted, he puts his head down and goes properly to give you have a chance.”


In the Carabao Cup, he played as a left winger, a position in which he was also used last season.

He was more lively on the side where there is more space than in the position where he is forced to battle with the center backs, and he may be used more often as a left winger in the future.

Will the Uruguayan striker be able to make further progress?