Similar to Luis Suarez…Former Liverpool forward demands Darwin Nunez to be consistent

Similar to Luis Suarez...Former Liverpool forward demands Darwin Nunez to be consistent Uncategorized

Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez joined Liverpool in the summer of 2022 in exchange for a large sum of money. In his first season with the club, he was often criticized for his poor decision making, often missing one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

This season, his play as a center forward has been refined, and he showed a high level of decisiveness in the early games.

However, he gradually began to miss the ball in front of goal. In the 19th round of the Premier League against Burnley, he contributed to the victory by scoring for the first time in nine games.

On the other hand, his hard work, defensive attitude from the front line, and aggressive style of play boosted the morale of the team and got the supporters involved.

Emile Heskey, the former England international who scored 60 goals and 29 assists in 223 games for Anfield during his playing days and led the attack as Michael Owen’s partner, compared the player to Luis Suarez, the senior Uruguayan, but also demanded consistency in terms of numbers.

“One key thing is that Liverpool fans will give you the benefit of the doubt if you work hard and run around and put yourself about,”

“That’s one of the key things he’s got, he’s got that tenacity about him. Suarez was another one who had that – but he put up numbers. But the fact that he [Suarez] ran around, he kicked people, he didn’t give anyone an inch, and I think Darwin’s got that as well but now it’s just about getting the numbers up, just getting that consistency.”

“We’ve seen him score goals and he can score goals but it’s just that consistency, he’s quite erratic. The goal against Burnley was fantastic, he passed the ball into the net. But then you see another one that you’ll perceive as being easier and he’ll smash them. So, he’s just got to get that little bit of consistency, but the key thing for him is performances. Make sure your performances are on point because then the fans will back you to the hilt.”

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