Along with Liverpool and Arsenal…Aston Villa also interested in Dutch defender Jeremy Frimpong

Along with Liverpool and Arsenal...Aston Villa also interested in Dutch defender Jeremy Frimpong Transfers

Trent Alexander-Arnold reigns as the regular right back and has recently been playing in the midfield as well, but the England national team side back has been taking on an increasing load. He has also been appointed vice-captain this season and is expected to lead the team mentally.

James Milner, who served as a reserve right back last season, has left the team. Likewise, Joe Gomez, who has been used both at center back and left back, has been asked to play at left back and is expected to be in the middle of the back line to begin with.

Twenty-year-old defender Conor Bradley has been attached to the first team as a backup. Although he was injured early in the season and has been off the bench, he is expected to be a threat to Trent, as he has started to come on from the middle of the field, but there is still a big difference in the level of play between the two teams.

Liverpool, looking to enhance their final line, have shown interest in Bayer Leverkusen defender Jeremy Frimpong. The Dutch defender, who is also being followed by Arsenal and Manchester United, will also be available to Aston Villa if they qualify for the Champions League, according to Football Insider.

Aston Villa, who have been in contention for the championship this season under Unai Emery, are apparently keen on the Bayer Leverkusen defender to boost their strength in order to achieve a similar record next season and qualify for the Champions League if they finish in the top four.

In any case, it is inevitable that a battle involving many clubs will unfold in the transfer market this summer, but will he make the step up from the Bundesliga…?