Mohamed Salah comes in third…Yaya Toure has come up with his “Top 5 Best African Players of All Time”

Mohamed Salah comes in third...Yaya Toure has come up with his "Top 5 Best African Players of All Time" Uncategorized

Since joining Liverpool in 2017, 31-year-old forward Mohamed Salah has scored and assisted numerous goals not only in the Premier League but also in the Champions League and for the Egyptian national team. He will turn 32 this June, but is still the ace of his respective teams.

With Algeria’s Riyad Mahrez and Senegal’s Sadio Mane deciding to leave European soccer and seeking opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Salah is arguably the best player from Africa and the best active player in the world.

Former Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure announced his “Top 5” of the best African players of all time, including those who have already retired, and the Liverpool winger placed third in the ranking, while Samuel Eto’o and Didier Drogba were The “Top 5” of the best African players of all time, including retired players, were announced.

“Mohamed Salah, oh this is difficult, I’ll have him as the number two ranking, Samuel Eto’o at number one. Drogba, because I played with him, I know his value, he’s another number one, Kanu, I’d put him at number four. Jay-Jay Okocha, because there are five players he’ll have to go at number five,”


Samuel Eto’o, who played for Barcelona and Inter Milan, is regarded as the best Cameroon striker of all time. During his career, he sank 364 goals in 728 games and won the African Player of the Year award four times.

Didier Drogba was the ace striker of Chelsea’s transformation into a rich club and one of the best in Europe. In total, he scored many goals, 302 in 688 games, and won many titles, including the Champions League and Premier League.

Compared to the two, the Liverpool winger has not caught up in terms of numbers with 281 goals in 583 games, but if he can play the next few years at the forefront, he should at least surpass the former Ivory Coast striker’s goal tally.

There is no perfect ranking, as what one values depends on one’s own values. Nevertheless, we look forward to the future of Egyptian King, who is on par with the best players in Africa…