Saves Liverpool a lot of money…Sam Allardyce praises the use of Trent Alexander-Arnold

Saves Liverpool a lot of money...Sam Allardyce praises the use of Trent Alexander-Arnold Transfers

As a teenager, he emerged as Liverpool’s right back. Since then, Trent Alexander-Arnold has provided many assists from the right side for the team that has won many titles, and together with Andy Robertson on the left side, they have become one of the best side back duo in the Premier League.

This season he has been appointed vice-captain and plays with a great sense of responsibility. Since the middle of last season, he has been used more as a false back and midfielder, a position that reduces his defensive burden a bit and allows him to make the most of his versatile and chance-creating passing.

Manager Sam Allardyce, who has worked with a variety of clubs including Bolton Wanderers, where former Japan midfielder Hidetoshi Nakata played, West Ham, Blackburn, and Everton, and has also managed the England national team, noted the way the 25-year-old defender is being used and said Liverpool are saving money. He said.

“His defensive work is not as big a responsibility anymore, it’s really suited him and anyone who says it shouldn’t be his permanent position is barking up the wrong tree. Also it saves Liverpool a lot of money signing a player of that quality because his range of passing,”

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He has been starting more and more games as a midfielder for the national team and continues to swing his baton in the midfield in all directions, beyond the side backs.

He is not only a right-footed player, but also a left-footed one, with long, short, and accurate passes, and he sends marvelous passes in front of the goal to rival Kevin De Bryne.

The offensive side of the team will likely be emphasized even more in the future, and the Liverpool-born defender, like Jordan Henderson, will be a mental pillar, but this time as the heart of the team, not a youngster, leading the team to various titles.