Flamengo interested in Thiago Alcantara as Liverpool has no intention to extend his contract

Flamengo interested in Thiago Alcantara as Liverpool has no intention to extend his contract Transfers

Former Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcántara joined Liverpool in 2020 after a career with Barcelona and Bayern Munich, two of the most prestigious clubs in soccer.

He is one of the best midfielders in the world, who governs a magical pass that is impossible to react to, uses his body skillfully, and does not lose the ball in the face of intense pressing.

However, he has suffered from an injury history at Anfield. Immediately after joining the club, he missed the first half of the season due to a corona infection and a knee injury.

The following season, he was out injured several times and was unable to play properly. He has not been able to play a single game this season, even though the season has reached the halfway point.

His contract is up until the end of the season. As one of the top five salaried players in the team, his absence will hurt more than his lack of strength. The professional world is not so easy as to keep a player who cannot be calculated, and his departure at the end of this season is imminent.

Julio Miguel Neto, a Brazilian journalist, made it clear that Liverpool is not interested in renewing his contract at this time, and that the Brazilian giants Flamengo are interested in acquiring him.

“The name of the “market opportunity”, (or one of the names) for the midfield sector, which Flamengo aims for and will be dealing with on this trip to Europe, is Thiago Alcantara from Liverpool.”

“With the contract ending with the English, Alcântara still has a market in Europe, in addition to the Arab world which is a strong competitor. Al-Ettifaq from the Saudi League is one of those interested.”

“The athlete has a contractual relationship with his current team until 06/30/24 and can even sign a pre-contract. Liverpool so far has no interest in maintaining him, which makes his departure less unlikely”

His father is the former Brazilian national team player Mazinho, and his younger brother Rafinha chose Brazil for the full national team.

Thiago Alcantara has strong ties to his father’s homeland, so it would not be surprising if he chose to play in South America at least once.

What decision will the soon-to-be 33-year-old midfielder make in the summer?