The former Leverkusen forward, Dimitar Berbatov drummed up Xabi Alonso to go to Liverpool

The former Leverkusen forward, Dimitar Berbatov drummed up Xabi Alonso to go to Liverpool Uncategorized

Speculation over the appointment of a successor to coach Jurgen Klopp has been gaining momentum with the announcement of his retirement.

Names such as Xabi Alonso, who has played at Anfield as a player, Robert de Zerbi, and Ruben Amorim have been mentioned in the media on a daily basis.

Bayer Leverkusen, which he has led since last season, is in great form and is in a fierce battle for the top spot with Bayern Munich, who are also the absolute champions.

The Spanish coach’s reputation is only growing, and the value of his relationship with Liverpool makes him a strong candidate.

Former Bulgarian international Dimitar Berbatov, who scored a total of 91 goals for Bayer Leverkusen during his playing days and later played for Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, has mentioned the changing face of his old club and said he is the right man to lead Liverpool.

“Alonso is showing so far that he can handle everything,”

“Going to Liverpool, it’ll be even more challenging for him, but he’ll have the confidence he can do it based on what he’s doing right now.”

‌”He’ll bring that style of play. It’ll fit Liverpool because there’s not much difference in the way they play to Leverkusen. They press high when they need to press, they control the ball, play from the back, playing brave passes.”

“I bet Alonso has started thinking about the Liverpool job. Maybe someone has contacted him already? Let’s wait and see,”

“Let’s say he makes Leverkusen champions, he completes that unbelievable journey and then going to Liverpool will be the next step in his development.”

“The biggest club in the Bundesliga is Bayern Munich. Of course, you have Dortmund as well. Leverkusen was always up there, but not really there,”

“With Alonso coming, I saw the way the players played on the pitch. Not so much how they played football, but how they carried themselves. You can see the change in their body language, they’re believing that they’re playing for a really big club.”

“They’re playing with confidence and no fear. Even when they’re facing bigger teams like Bayern Munich, they feel they can beat them. They’re not afraid to make mistakes because they know they’re good enough to correct the mistakes. The fear factor is not there. They play bravely and that’s what I like to see.”

‌”Many managers will say they’re perfect for different teams, but it doesn’t always work like that. Alonso is a major candidate for the Liverpool job.”