Liverpool offer ‘next manager candidate’ Xabi Alonso a three-year contract

Jurgen Klopp's successor! The Manchester United defender is a great admirer of Xabi Alonso's skills! Uncategorized

For Liverpool, a delightful report has just come in. The club is looking for a new coach to replace Jurgen Klopp, who will be leaving Anfield this summer, to take the helm. Of all the candidates, Xabi Alonso, the Bayer Leverkusen leader, continues to be reported as the first choice.

According to TEAMtalk, progress has been made on that topic, with positive talks between Liverpool and the Spanish conductor having been conducted. They also report that a three-year contract has been offered to the 42-year-old former Spanish midfielder.

The Englishman is said to be interested in joining Liverpool, while Bayern Munich is said to be in the lead from Germany, and although information is mixed, at the moment he is concentrating on leading Leverkusen, where he is doing well.

Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in transfer information, has also reported that the club is keen to bring a new sporting director to the team before deciding on a new coach, and is obsessed with bringing back former sporting director Michael Edwards.

Successor to Jurgen Klopp, who built a great team, will not be an easy job. It is certain to be a difficult task for any experienced coach, but with Alonso’s close ties to Liverpool, supporters are likely to hold out great hope.

In any case, various reports will continue to circulate on their own, but how will it all turn out…?