I”ll never hold it against a manager…Trent Alexander-Arnold respects the decision of the England manager

I''ll never hold it against a manager...Trent Alexander-Arnold respects the decision of the England manager Uncategorized

Trent Alexander-Arnold, a 25-year-old defender who grew up in Liverpool’s lower divisions, joined the ranks of world-class right backs when Jurgen Klopp took over.He continues to create numerous chances with a variety of long and short passes and has been involved in many goals despite being a side-back.

The Liverpool defender has often been criticized for his defensive fragility, but last season he began a full-fledged challenge at false sideback. This season, he has been used more and more at the bottom of midfield, and has begun to break new ground in his career. He is also being used more and more in midfield for the England national team.

However, he has not been able to get a regular role in the national team, as the team has a number of excellent players at right back. One gets the impression that coach Gareth Southgate is not using him well, but it is understandable that England’s style of play favors players with more defensive ability.

These days, Alexander-Arnold is rarely used at right back and is treated as a midfielder. Back in the day, he played only 33 minutes at the Qatar World Cup, and while he understands Southgate’s decision, he said that his ability to start also depends on timing and the times.

“I think a lot of it comes down to timing,”

“In a different era and different generation, I’d have played much more for my country. However, I’m a firm believer in my own ability, what I bring to a team and what I can do on a football pitch. I still believe I’ve got a big role to play with England, to go and help the team win silverware – whether I play every minute of a tournament or I play no minutes at all in a tournament.”

“I fully understand that decisions have to be made and I’ll never throw my toys out the pram. I feel like I’ve enjoyed the good side of it at club level, as someone who knows he’s going to play most games, and I’ve got that trust in the manager. I’m fortunate enough to not have to think about that too much at Liverpool and just go and perform.”

“No matter what, no matter how the news is presented to you, it’s always disappointing when you’re told you’re not in the squad or you’re not in the team,”

“But I’m someone who’s very rational around those kinds of things. I know how difficult it must be. You’ve got so many options, so many decisions to make, and I”ll never hold it against a manager for making that decision.”

“Every player thinks they should start. It’s natural. You think ‘I can win games and I can help the team’. You believe you’re good enough and you need that belief. So no matter what, no matter who you pick, you’re always making the wrong decision – it’s a lose-lose situation.”

“When I was younger, I dreamt of being able to play for my country, to win trophies for my country, to be part of England teams that win titles. I’ve still got those ambitions, and every time I’m able to wear the shirt, words don’t really describe it.”