I thought Xabi Alonso would be a good manager…The German midfielder, who played with him at Liverpool, confesses

I thought Xabi Alonso would be a good manager...The German midfielder, who played with him at Liverpool, confesses Uncategorized

Jurgen Klopp took over at Liverpool in October 2015 and has energized the team and transformed it into one of the best clubs in Europe.Outside of his record, Jurgen Klopp has also shown an ability to engage supporters and work with the owners to keep the club on a sound footing.

The German manager, who has done so much at Anfield, will only be in charge of the Premier League for a short time. While the names of various young managers are being tossed around for his successor, former Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso, who played for Liverpool as a player, has been set as the top target.

Former German midfielder Dietmar Hamann, who played with Liverpool for about two years from 2004 to 2006, has shown the qualities to be a leader since his playing days because of his ability to read the game and his studious attitude. However, he also said that it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future.

“Out of all the players I played with, there are always some that end up being managers and good managers that I never thought they would be,”

“Jamie Carragher would be the first one I said would definitely be a manager, but he never picked it up.”

“Sometimes in the playing days it’s hard to forecast because you don’t know what they want to do, and they have to get all the badges and put the work in.”

“With Alonso I always felt as though he would be a good manager if he wanted to because he was never the quickest. He came to the club at 21 or 22 from Real Sociedad and he was a brilliant reader of the ball because he was never the quickest.”

“He always had to be one or two steps ahead in his mind, he was a brilliant reader of the game and he studied it. I always felt if he wanted to be a coach or a manager then he’d made a good one.”

“But there are so many unknowns so it’s very hard to predict whether he would be successful and a lot of things have worked out for him at Leverkusen, but it’s down to him as well.”