If promoted to the Premier League…Hull City are ready to make a move to sign Fabio Carvalho

If promoted to the Premier League...Hull City are ready to make a move to sign Fabio Carvalho Transfers

Two summers ago, former Fulham midfielder Fabio Carvalho knocked on the door of Liverpool after a remarkable run in the Championship.

He got a fair amount of action in the first half of that season, but his playing time gradually declined, with more games coming off the bench in the second half of the season.

This season could be no different, and the attacking midfielder for Portugal’s U-21 team decided to move to RB Leipzig on loan in search of an opportunity to play.

However, his playing time in the Bundesliga was also sluggish, and Liverpool, concerned about his development as a player, recalled him from his loan six months early.

But, due to his limited opportunities at Anfield, Liverpool released the player on loan to Hull City as a new destination.

He has been starting immediately after joining his new club, and Hull City vice-president, Tan Kesler, revealed the reinforcements’ plan, saying that if they could be promoted to the top flight, the budget would be allocated to sign the 21-year-old midfielder.

“I’m not going to say it’s easy because the financials are strong,”

“[He has] a Premier League level salary [and] Liverpool are going to demand quite a bit of a transfer fee for him.”

“The chairman would want to sign him, he would do it in a heartbeat, if there’s no FFP, no regulations, no control, I’m sure we will invest to sign Fabio.”

“If we’re promoted for sure we will pursue him because of the money we would be receiving, we would try to allocate those finances on players like Fabio.”

“It can be unrealistic expectations for some of our fans but we’re very optimistic.”

“If any of this happens we will do it because he’s someone we would love to have long term.”


At this point, the team is in a difficult position to finish in the top two of the championship, where automatic promotion is possible, and must first finish in the top six and win the playoffs. The road to the playoffs, which are fiercely contested every year, is also difficult.

If he is treated like an outcast by Liverpool after next season, it is imperative that not only Hull City but also other Premier League and Championship clubs show interest.

What kind of career will Carvalho have under a new manager…?