A machine built to win…Trent Alexander-Arnold’s unique expression before the big game against City

A machine built to win...Trent Alexander-Arnold's unique expression before the big game against City Match

Liverpool had a poor season last season, and although they showed a turnaround only in the second half of the season, they unexpectedly finished 5th in the Premier League and missed out on a Champions League berth. In order to recover from last season, Liverpool started to rebuild its midfielders during the transfer market last summer.

The new recruits have been a part of the team since the beginning of the season, and the team is currently leading the domestic league. 

They already won the Carabao Cup, and are still in the Europa League and FA Cup, and are aiming for revenge for the four titles they failed to win two years ago.

England defender Trent Alexander-Arnold has been named vice-captain this season and leads the team mentally as well. Touching on the major financial differences with top-ranked rivals Manchester City, he said that they paid a lot of money and were built to win, and in a unique way, their victories will mean much more to them.

“It’s difficult. You’re up against a machine that’s built to win — that’s the simplest way to describe City and their organization,”

“Looking back on this era, although they’ve won more titles than us and have probably been more successful, our trophies will mean more to us and our fanbase because of the situations at both clubs, financially.”

“How both clubs have built their teams and the manner in which we’ve done it, probably means more to our fans.”

“From the turn of the year, City switch it on and it’s a difficult machine to stop,”

“But we’ve shown in the past that we’ve been able to do it and there’s no reason why we can’t go and match them this season.”

“We’re excited to be involved with City and know we’re in a good position.”

“I’m sure they’ll be motivated, as are we. It’s going to be an exciting end.”

Four Four Two

As the Premier League has tightened up financially, Liverpool has not been as aggressively reinforcing its squad as it was when it was first acquired, but it has still spent big in recent years on Jack Grealish and Joško Gvardiol.

Although Liverpool has no financial backing, under Jurgen Klopp, the club has been in the championship race many times, which lasted until the final day of the season.

Can the players produce their best moments in their manager’s final season?