Win as many trophies as possible… The former Liverpool midfielder reflects on Jurgen Klopp’s departure

Win as many trophies as possible... The former Liverpool midfielder reflects on Jurgen Klopp's departure Team

Back in the summer of 2011, young Jordan Henderson joined Liverpool from Sunderland. In his days as a player, he failed to make an absolute mark in the team, even being considered for release under Brendan Rodgers’ regime.

However, things changed when he took over the captain’s mark and Jurgen Klopp took over as manager. As the poster child for the synonymous “Gegenpress,” he has become a key figure in the midfield, pressing hard from start to finish. His exceptional leadership on and off the pitch has led the team to numerous titles.

Together since 2015, they have led the team to the Premier League title every season, despite having less money than their rivals. However, during last summer’s transfer window, the English midfielder, fearing a decline in opportunities, sought a new home in Saudi Arabia.

He was unable to adjust to life in the Middle East, and after only six months he moved to Ajax. The German manager parted company with Ajax at the end of last season, but the 56-year-old will also leave Anfield, where he has been for nearly 10 years, at the end of the current season.

The former Liverpool captain noted the departure of a coach with whom he had fought and shared the taste of victory. He also mentioned the battles of his former teammates and expressed his hope that the team will win many titles in its final season.

“It was a tough one when you first see it because Jurgen’s had an amazing time at Liverpool.”

“Everything we achieved was because of him. He changed everything when he came in and I just hope the end of the story is a fairytale for him and the boys and the club because they all deserve it.”

“They all work so hard. Last season was so tough for so many aspects, off the field and on it. So for this season to be going as well as it has – I’m so proud of them.”

“I was the captain for so long there and all of the team still feel like my best friends, my brothers really for life.”

“I just want to see them end the season like they’ve been playing the whole year really with the young players coming in. I hope they can end the season on a high and win as many trophies as possible.”