Inconsistent in his performance…Former Barcelona scout reveals why they did not make a move for Luis Diaz

Inconsistent in his performance...Former Barcelona scout reveals why they did not make a move for Luis Diaz Transfers

Colombian international Luis Diaz has played numerous games on Liverpool’s left wing since the winter of 2020. He has continued to create chances this season with his sharp dribble penetration and has scored double-digit goals in all competitions so far.

When he moved from Portugal, Tottenham Hotspur, also in the Premier League, was in the market for him, but it was Liverpool who won the battle. And it seems that Barcelona could have been in the race as well.

Former Barcelona scout and father of former “prodigy” Bojan Krkic, Bojan Krkic Sr. admitted that he had been chasing the 27-year-old winger during his time at the club, but stated that he had given up on him due to his inconsistent play.

“When he was at Porto, we were assessing him and following him. Luis Diaz has quality, he has talent, he has speed, he has dribbling, he has a goal, he has everything. But the problem is that, if you look at Liverpool, he doesn’t have continuity in his performance and he is not an undisputed starter.”

“That’s what happened to him, also at Porto. That is to say, he does the best and the worst, well not the worst, but he’s a player who has a great game and the next one he’s not there.”

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At Anfield, as he stated, the level of performance does not change significantly from game to game.However, he had a long period of lackluster performance, perhaps due to fatigue, and on top of that, he went through a mentally difficult period with the kidnapping incident in his home country.

In recent games, he has shown his true form on the left wing in a team that has been plagued by a string of injuries. He also seems to be in good condition, which is not as much of a downside as a former Barcelona scout might say.

The Colombian attacker is now back in the sights of Barcelona, and it is said that Paris Saint-Germain is also interested in him.