Wait a bit longer for a conclusion…An Italian journalist refers to the mixed information surrounding Ruben Amorim

Wait a bit longer for a conclusion...An Italian journalist refers to the mixed information surrounding Ruben Amorim Transfers

With Xabi Alonso, who played for Liverpool during his playing days and is a favourite of supporters, deciding to lead the Bundesliga side for another season, Sporting’s Ruben Amorim has been reported as the next in command, and there is a lot of mixed information surrounding him.

Fabrizio Romano, an expert on transfers, mentions the departure of the Portuguese coach.While admitting that contacts have indeed been made, he said that negotiations have not reached the final stage and that it will take more time for both sides to make a decision.

“I wanted to clarify the situation on Ruben Amorim again, as I’ve had many Liverpool fans asking me about the stories of an agreement being close for him to replace Jurgen Klopp on a three-year deal,”

“My understanding remains that we are not yet at the final stages of the story.”

“It’s true that contacts are really concrete – talks have taken place and will keep taking place, but we have to be patient and wait for the moment Liverpool make their final choice.”

“I respect other journalists, but this remains my information for the moment so I think we still have to wait a bit longer for a conclusion to this saga.”

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The 39-year-old is believed to be committed to winning the league, and a final decision is likely to be made only after that championship has been won.

A reinforcement plan for next season must also be drawn up, and while it would be tempting to select a new manager as soon as possible, he will have to be able to handle the heavy burden of replacing the German.

At the moment, it is highly likely that he will take charge at Anfield next season, but who knows?