It’s going to be strange…Trent Alexander-Arnold looks forward to pre-season under the new regime

It’s going to be strange...Trent Alexander-Arnold looks forward to pre-season under the new regime Team

Liverpool will enter a new era next season, with Jurgen Klopp, who has been in charge since 2015, stepping down and a new manager taking over.All eyes will be on who will take on the heavy responsibility of succeeding the mastermind who has successfully revived a team in the doldrums.

England defender Trent Alexander-Arnold, who has been vice-captain this season and continues to inspire his colleagues on and off the pitch, will be playing under a different manager for the first time at the club since making his first team debut.

The player gave an interview in which he shared his feelings about the new era. Among other things, he was frank that pre-season will be strange, as it is an essential period for matching playing styles and understanding tactics, but he also said that he likes new challenges.

“I’d probably say I’m sat on the fence with regards to my feelings on a new manager coming in,”

“It’ll be a completely different situation and it’s going to be weird to then turn up to preseason, having to adopt a new playing style.”

“Whereas now, without anything getting said to me, I know all the manager wants me to play, and I turn up to preseason, I know to jump there, I’m to press there.”

“But for this summer, my next preseason will have a completely different message.”

“It’s going to be strange, but I think I like the idea of a new challenge for the team, the players and the club.”

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