Start putting the ball in the net…The former England international complains about Darwin Nunez

Start putting the ball in the net...The former England international complains about Darwin Nunez Team

In the summer of 2022, Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez joined Liverpool from Benfica, replacing Senegalese international Sadio Mane, who had scored many goals alongside Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah.

He made a bad impression with his temperament and a red card on his home debut, but has since become popular with supporters for his committed style of play and his intensity.

His first year with the club left him with issues with his lack of decision-making in front of goal and his play as a centre-forward. This season, his front-line play has been refined and he has recorded a number of assists.

He is becoming more valuable as a striker, scoring dramatic winning goals against Newcastle and Nottingham Forest, but he has not been able to shake off his habit of missing easy shots or hitting the goalkeeper.

With Mohamed Salah’s intensity clearly down compared to his performances in his prime, the expectations on the Uruguayan international have also increased. Former England international Darren Bent blasted him for using direct language to ensure he sinks the decider.

“I know Liverpool fans love Darwin Nunez. I like him. But some of the misses are starting to cost Liverpool. Listen, I love the things he does,”

“He does so many good things. He’s running around, he works hard, he gets himself into great positions, but that last little bit of composure. At times, you can go ‘ha, it’s funny’. But it gets to a point where you start to go, alright, enough’s enough. Start putting the ball in the net.”