Discussions are on stand-by…Italian journalist reports on possible move to Liverpool for Ruben Amorim

He won’t be in Portugal much longer...Fulham midfielder drums on Ruben Amorim at Liverpool Transfers

Sporting leader Ruben Amorim has been in the spotlight as the man to succeed Jurgen Klopp since Xabi Alonso decided to stay at Bayer Leverkusen. While there were reports of negotiations with Liverpool, some journalists denied it and information was mixed.

Then, yesterday, West Ham United held discussions with the manager in London and shared their future plans. The Portuguese coach has quickly become the front-runner to sign a new manager.

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, an expert on transfers, revealed that the Sporting manager had held talks with the West Ham board, but also said that talks with Liverpool were awaited.

“Ruben Amorim returned to Portugal after meeting West Ham board in London on Monday.”

“West Ham presented their project and will insist for Amorim; nothing done yet, while discussions with Liverpool are on stand-by.”

“Amorim will discuss his future steps with his agents.”