Liverpool should pull two key players from Crystal Palace…club alumni advise reinforcements this summer

Liverpool should pull two key players from Crystal alumni advise reinforcements this summer Transfers

Liverpool revamped their midfield squad in the transfer market last summer.The team performed well from the start of the Premier League season, and for a time put themselves in a position to challenge for the quadruple crown for Jurgen Klopp, who is in his last season at Anfield.

However, after winning the Carabao Cup, the team was directly affected by a string of injuries and the performances were not in good condition. The attackers also missed more and more decisions, and they were pushed out of the Europa League and FA Cup, not to mention the Premier League.

Next season, not only the manager and coaches will be replaced, but also the members involved in the club’s management. As Liverpool move towards building a new team, they have a list of various players, mainly centre-backs and attacking players, to explore the possibility of acquiring.

Advice on Liverpool’s reinforcement plans was given by former Ireland defender Mark Lawrenson, who has made over 300 appearances for Anfield. He argued that the double capture of Crystal Palace mainstays Michael Olise and Ebere Eze should be implemented.

“I’m not being funny, but Liverpool should be in for Michael Olise and Ebere Eze,”

“Olise went past everyone for his goal [against Manchester United], and I think he’s slightly better. He’s a fab talent and if you’re a top six club, you’d be making a phone call and wanting to take him.”

“They’re both fantastic but on the flip side, they get injured a lot so you have to be very careful,”

“It may be that they’re still growing, or that they find it difficult to play two games a week. But in terms of talent, they’ve both got loads.”

Paddy Power

Both are among the best attacking players in the Premier League, and top-tier clubs are all looking to acquire them.

However, as Liverpool alumni have pointed out, it is difficult for these players to be fully fit for the entire season, so reasons such as injuries must be sought.

Furthermore, it is highly likely that a fierce battle will develop and the transfer fee will rise, making it almost impossible for Liverpool, who have a limited budget, to make a double capture.It would be great if he played at Anfield, but…?